TNCP 2022

The 7th Thailand National Conference on Psychology 2022

"Moving Forward through Challenging Times"

Friday 1st July 2022

Bangkok Cha-Da Hotel

Bangkok, Thailand



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Worawach Tungjitcharoen

Table of Contents


Facebook and Depression in COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Time Spent and Information Overload and Depressive Symptoms

Vidchuda Taechajinda and Yokfah Isaranon


Effect of Drama in Education to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Early Adolescence

Thitiwan Klatalumbon and Chanya Leesattrupai


Let’s Do Something New Together so Our Relationship Stays Exciting: Positive Influence of Self-Expansion Motivation on Couple Activity Excitement

Chanada Kehatat and Phakkanun Chittham


Psychological Experiences of Young Activists: A Preliminary Study

Natcha Longtong and Nattasuda Taephant


The Study on Team Collaboration of Working Adults in the Health Service Centers

Amonwan Im-Ab, Shuttawee Sitsira-at, and Charn Rattanapisit


The Study of Mindful Risk-Taking Behaviors in Consuming Beauty Supplements of Early Adulthood With Overweight

Nutcha Ibrohem and Shuttawee Sitsira-at


The Relationship Between Grit and Perceived Person-Organization Fit: The Moderating Effect of Organizational Types and Cultural Intelligence

Nalin Manaspibool and Jennifer Chavanovanich


Three-Way Interaction Effects Between Challenging Job Demands, Hindering Job Demands, and Resilience to Burnout

Suchada Srijampa and Witsinee Bovornusvakool


Relationship Between Workload and Work Fatigue: The Moderating Role of Meaningful Work in Parcel Shop Counter Service Officers of a Postal and Logistics Company in Bangkok

Ponpiset Sasivimol and Juthatip Wiwattanapantuwong


Development of the Internalized Homophobia Scale (Thai Version)

Nutcha Sripiboonpanich and Kullaya Pisitsungkagarn


Intrapersonal Factors Related to Defender or Outsider Roles in School Bullying of High School Students

Yada Hiranyanan and Jirapattara Raveepatarakul


The Relationship Between Empowering Leadership and Career Adaptability: The Mediating Role of Thriving at Work

Krittaya Charasporntanya, Juthatip Wiwattanapantuwong, and Jennifer Chavanovanich


The Dual-Pathway of Conflicts: The Effects of Cognitive Diversity on Knowledge Sharing Behavior

Chanaporn Prabhandkarn and Jennifer Chavanovanich


Relationships Among Mindfulness, Acceptance, Understanding of the Three Characteristics of Existence and Resilience in Undergraduate Student

Techapon Phuphut and Somboon Jarukasemthawee


The Results of Using Visual Support and Self-Monitoring on the Hygienic Handwashing Behavior of an 11-Year-Old Child With Autism

Jaruwan Simsiriwat and Pattaraporn Jamsai


Comparison Between Coping With Organizational Change and Career Commitment Among Government Teachers With Different Levels of Job Embeddedness and Types of Employment

Watinee Chunprom and Passagorn Tevichapong


Beliefs About Relapse Into Substance Abuse by Users in the Chiangrai Probation Office

Sukanya Kumphaengkaew, Veerawan Wongpinpech, and Chaiyun Sakulsriprasert


Self-Development of Employees in Kasikorn Bank-Chaeng Watthana Head Office

Nanapas Norkham and Theerapat Wongkumsin


Relationships Between Growth Mindset and Online Learning Engagement: The Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy

Vissuta Pakdeekul and Prapimpa Jarunratanakul


The Effect of Employing a Group Counseling Program on the Enhancement of Post-Traumatic Growth Among Young Adults With Mood Disorder

Phattaraporn Teerakarn and Supat Sanjamsai


Development of Environmental Conservation Activities for Enhancing Executive Function in Early Childhood

Chonticha Taranit and Vitanya Vanno


A Preliminary Qualitative Study on the Object Relationships of Male Sex Offenders

Kawin Konthong, Arunya Tuicomepee, and Chalalai Taesilapasathit


Would You Let Others Know When Things Go Right? A Replication of Positive Events Disclosure in Thai Culture

Thanakorn Angkasirisan and Kullaya Pisitsungkagarn


Predictive Relationships of Self-Esteem and Motivations for On-Line Communication on Loneliness in Single Female Undergraduates Engaging in On-Line Learning

Chuanfachom Navaboonniyom and Kullaya Pisitsungkagarn


The Mediating Role of Psychological Safety and the Moderating Role of Leader Courage in the Relationships Between Leader Humility and Employee Voice and Silence Behaviors in Private Sector Companies in Thailand

Sarita Worravitudomsuk and Jennifer Chavanovanich


A Moderating Role of Polyculturalism on the Relationship Between Essentialism and the Willingness to Engage in Intergroup Contact with People from Myanmar

Piraorn Suvanbenjakule and Thipnapa Huansuriya


The Study of Emotional quotient and Teaching Practicum Preparing of Pre-Service Math and Science Teachers in Disruption Era

Chitraporn Boonthanom and Nanpapat Amborisuth


Trigger Warnings: A New Form and Its Influence on Negative Emotion

Varisara Techawiriyakul, Piyarat Suwannupong, Patchara Chaktree, Burachai Asawathaweeboon, and Worawach Tungjitcharoen


The Influence of Resilience, Self-Esteem, and Self-Management on Well-Being of Undergraduate Psychology Students, Kasetsart University

Chutimon Hemintasoot, Manuschanun Lueti, Buabucha Narkluk, Jantakarn Samkrom, Sarida Dontumprai, Kunita Meepukrung, Jadsadakorn Khayaikaew, Navinda Gunchamorin, Mooktanun Plodjinda, Rachata Netrawong, Aubonrat SroiSangwan, Sayamon Akakulanan, and Saitib Lautongmeesakun


A Literature Review of Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy for Loneliness in Late Adolescents: A Treatment Plan Proposal

Natthaporn Treejareonwiwat and Kullaya Pisitsungkagarn


The Development of a Program to Teaching Art Techniques, Specifically Finger Painting Activities, to Parents to Facilitate the Development of Fine Motor Skills in Early Childhood

Natthinun Khantipongpunthu and Shuttawwee Sitsira-at


A Study of the Experience of Developing Identity under Negative Family Attitudes: Case Studies of Young Adults

Vipapak Kaew-im, Supat Sanjamsai, and Teerachon Polyota


Development of the Work Adjustment Scale for Generation Z

Phapum Sritabtim and Charn Rattanapisit


The Influence of Social Media Addiction on Social Anxiety in Undergraduate Students at Kasetsart University

Piyabhorn Kruaithong, Kanwara Manatas, Nattakarn Pongboriphat, Panomporn Phoomchan, Uea-anut Tanomwong, and Suchada Sakolkijrungroj


The Relationship Between Psychological Well-Being and Achievement Motivation of Psychology Students in Kasetsart University

Kunlaphat Premsukjai, Natthira Pinta, Witsarut Maicharoensri, Panomporn Phoomchan, Uea-anut Tanomwong, and Suchada Sakolkijrungroj


Factors Related to Social Distancing Affecting COVID-19 Patients

Pornnapat Chernprateep and Kullaya Pisitsungkagarn


The Effect of Job Candidates’ Sexual Orientation and Negative Information on Evaluation in the Context of Undergraduate Students

Chadawadee Khamken, Samida Aksharanugraha, Surakarn Sajun, and Phatthanakit Chobthamkit


The Effects of Nostalgic Feeling on Content and Characteristics of Episodic Future Thinking

Ramanya Naksomkul, Ruchira Numchaitrong, Jatuporn Amatayakoon, and Worawach Tungjitcharoen


The Influence of Economic Threat and In-group Identification on Donation Intention in the Intergroup Context

Junyathon Vijitsangrut, Thitichaya Prachasuk, Peerapat Ritiyan, Phatthanakit Chobthamkit, and Trawin Cheleeraktrakoon


The Effect of Verbal Encouragement and Awareness of Anxiety on Working Memory and Self - Confidence under Stress Situations

Tanaporn Chaisupharat, Prabvigrid Churintarapan, Rotsarin Jinsrikong and Trawin Cheleeraktrakoon


The Relationship between Family Support in Career Planning during the COVID-19 Situation and Self-Efficacy with Future Career Planning during the COVID-19 Situation in Fourth-Year Undergraduate Students, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kasetsart University

Norraporn Pankarlong, Thitikan Anantasat, Kirana Phetrung, Jitrapa Leetanasaksakul, Sara Manwong, Wasu Tharasap, Pongkamon Surat, Ruck Chunhakan, and Thanarat Songsomboon


The Effect of a Play Therapy Program on Preschool Children Exhibiting Aggressive Behaviors at a Welfare Center

Nantawan Srichan and Suthawan Harnkajornsuk


The Effects of Group Discussion, Sexual Double Standards, and Target Sexual Experience on Target Evaluation of Characteristics

Pattanun Suwannachai, Jirachaya Pongphattanayok, Weina Koh, and Phatthanakit Chobthamkit


Updated 12-11-2022